Data Capture

Data Capture

The Centre provides data capture service in a platform which sets the foundation for the Laws to be easily edited and formatted to required presentation styles.

By using regular software such as, Microsoft word or InDesign template, the Centre transforms manual data from Law books or drafting sheets into electronic files which can be easily retrieved or updated. The Centre also reformats existing data files into this revised edition of Laws template which remains compatible with any upgrading of the operating system and application software (MS word & InDesign). The Centre installs a Legislative template in the office of the Attorney General for future drafting and Law Revision use.

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The data capture service offered by the Centre provides the following benefits:

  • Typesetting of Laws without customized software
  • Standardization in formatting and updating Laws
  • Presentation of the Laws in published volumes and formats compatible with CD-ROMs, Ipad, Kindle, data-enabled handsets and Electronic tablets
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Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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